Hex Cougar Drops First Single From New EP, “Hourglass” with AWAY & josh pan

It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Hex Cougar, and what a brilliant way to start. Out today is Hex’s new song “Hourglass” with AWAY & josh pan on the newly minted label V1. “Hourglass” is a culmination of Hex’s whole year. After countless hours in the studio and tours with RL Grime, Vincent, graves, and Slumberjack, he’s discovered the direction he wants to go in. This new track is a rebirth of sorts.

Opening with a sort of Middle Eastern flair, it quickly drops into more of a dark hip hop vibe with vocals from josh pan and a gritty synth coating. The drop brings in more of that ethnic flair once again to give a multilayered experience that is enthralling in every way imaginable. As Hex himself says, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more from him coming soon! Listen to “Hourglass” below, out now via V1.