Herring Shoes Heats up for Summer 2019


Summer is with us, which means it’s time to do away with your trusty boots and consider other footwear options. Herring Shoes provides a range of classic styles to fit any occasion and your budget. Herring Shoes is an English family business started in 1966 and their purpose is to supply top quality shoes from English manufacturers such as Barker, Church’s, Cheaney and Loake with service to match through their website and retail shops.

Herring’s MD Jason Simmonds said: “We also have our own brand of footwear tailored to today’s needs to achieve top quality, created from years of inside knowledge of the English handcrafted shoe trade. Herring’s aim is to help everyone to understand how important good shoes are in life!” Known for classic footwear, such as Oxfords and Chelsea boots, Herring is the perfect choice if you have a summer wedding or formal sporting occasion to attend. Think streamlined dark legs of a morning or dark suit. However, there is lot more to summer than dressing up at the weekend.

Herring has worked with both British and Italian craftsmen to produce a full choice of loafers. These are seen in the office or with chinos, jeans or shorts at the weekend and are made from leather or suede in several colours. Similarly, the deck shoe can be worn with all the above too. It has long shaken off the shackles of needing an accompanying boat or even a beachside or riverside location to be relevant. And, if you still want to hang onto your boots, a light-coloured desert boot could do the trick. Away from the office, Herring has upped its game with a collection of casual footwear, epitomised by the Strike II sneaker. This is a new range that comes in both suede and leather with a red-heel detail, retro laces and red eyelets.

Meanwhile, the Boxer II is a nod to the baseball style of shoe endorsed by Chuck Taylor almost a century ago. A high-top in a mix of calf and suede with blue laces, this is a cool shoe in whatever colour you go for: cognac, navy or both! To really kick back though, how can you go wrong with an espadrille? They must be the ultimate holiday shoe. In typical Herring style, they have applied their classic know-how to produce a suede design with a flexible rubber sole and heel in biscuit or navy. So, with your footwear sorted, what else can Herring help you with? Their range of Naked Clothing includes beautiful polo shirts that exude quality. If you want to travel in style, they can also retail stunning luggage, such as their Heritage Racing range. Petrolheads will love them! If you are looking for some classic style in the sun this year, head to Herring Shoes. Enjoy your summer!