Here’s How To Start A “Netflix Party” with Friends Online

The rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) had led to social distancing and in some cases self-quarantine. But during this time, it’s still possible to Netflix and chill with friends. The now-viral tweet below reveals a work-around that could make the isolation not so bad. Just download the Google Chrome extension called “Netflix Party,” which allows friends to simultaneously stream content together with group chat capabilities and play/pause functions that sync up.

Set up in 3 easy steps:

Install the Netflix Party extension for Chrome
Choose any movie or show from and click “NP” in your toolbar
Copy the party URL and share – Friends can watch the program or movie simultaneously

It’s as easy as that! Netflix and chill with friends — download Netflix Party here.

PSA: If you want to still have movie night with friends without risking COVID-19 spread, Chrome has an extension called Netflix Party that allows you to simultaneously stream Netflix with friends. It has a chat window & play/pauses for everyone in the group so you stay synced.

— Christine Woods (@stendahlknows) March 17, 2020