Here Are The Travel Influencers To Follow In Order To Get Your Daily Dose

With all this extra time on our hands and limited opportunities to actually travel thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, if you’re anything like us then you’ve probably been whiling away the hours scrolling your favourite travel accounts on Instagram. From powdery, white sand beaches and azure waters to iconic cities and sights, there’s just something about the escapism that getting lost in someone else’s adventures affords you during times like this, and no doubt you can’t help but reminisce about all your own favourite five-star getaways of times gone by, too.

Travelling isn’t just about the sightseeing, of course; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, try new foods, and even learn a little of the local lingo whilst rubbing shoulders with the locals. Or, as we should say in the current climate, waving from a two-metre distance. And, of course, it’s your chance to be treated like royalty from start to finish and waited on hand and foot – which is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a stressful year, and something we’re no doubt all yearning for right about now.

The good news is that as the UK vaccine rollout continues and Covid-19 case numbers continue to drop, travel may not be off the agenda for too much longer – so now is the perfect time to start getting inspired and daydreaming about your next big trip. You might not be ready to book those first class flights just yet, but looking at your options certainly won’t hurt, and having something to look forward to can make all the difference when it comes to your happiness levels.

Travelling isn’t just about the sightseeing, of course; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, try new foods, and even learn a little of the local lingo whilst rubbing shoulders with the locals

So, if ever there was a time when scrolling your Instagram feed was considered a worthwhile use of your time, it’s now, and with a plethora of high-profile influencers showing some of the finest luxury resorts and destinations in the world, browsing their feeds can give you some far better ideas for your dream trip than a standard high-end holiday brochure. Instagram is an ever-changing beast, and you may well see some different new influencers gracing your feed from one day to the next. It’s a tough job to stay at the top, but many have utilised new feature ‘Reels’, or other Instagram growth tools to increase engagement and make their way onto your ‘Discovery’ page. The result? An ever-changing pool of vibrant and inspirational travel content to consume, and in more exciting formats than ever. So, who is doing it best right now? Here are the seven travel influencers to follow in order to get your daily dose.

Murad Osmann – @muradosmann

If you’re yet to encounter Murad Osmann on Instagram, you may well have been living under a rock in recent months – although, haven’t we all? A skilled photographer of Russian origins, Murad is known for his global travels alongside his model wife, Nataly Osmann, and is well known for the hashtag #followme, where Nataly guides Osmann through every location they have visited. Due to having more than five million followers on Instagram, it’s clear that their content has got something special about it – and one glance at their beautiful photos is all you’ll need to see why.

Louis Cole – @funforlouis

Louis Cole is an intrepid luxury traveller who has amassed an impressive audience of over a million followers, and has now been doing the rounds for quite some years. If you’re a fan of a more action-packed adventure then Louis is your guy, and can forever be seen taking on new and unique activities wherever he goes. Check out his highlights for inspiring content on everywhere from Costa Rica to Kazakhstan.

Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard

A specialist in landscape photography, head over to Chris’ page for breath-taking and unspoilt vistas of all corners of the globe. Also an author, public speaker and photographer outside of his Instagram channel, Chris, who hails from California, has built an entire brand around himself, having gathered more than four million followers along the way.

Elona Karafin – @elona

If you’re looking for inspiration that goes beyond just the latest and greatest luxury destinations, then Elona Karafin is your girl. A cancer survivor who makes it her priority to live life to the full, she can regularly be seen at some of the world’s finest hotels and destinations and is as much an icon for her sense of style and survival spirit as she is for her travels. As if that wasn’t reason enough to check out her profile, she is also an active fundraiser for a children’s cancer charity, so if you support one travel influencer this year then Elona should be top of your list.

Jack Morris – @doyoutravel

One half of a renowned travel couple alongside his girlfriend Lauren Bullen (otherwise known as @gypsea_lust), Jack is an Australian adventure whose content has an appealing bohemian vibe. Providing regular updates on what it’s like to travel together and showing tempting snippets of some of the world’s most beautiful hotspots, you’ll struggle not to click on that ‘follow’ button and keep coming back for more.

Alvaro Rojas – @wanderreds

The former CFO of an oil and gas company, Alvaro ditched his high-pressure job in favour of living freely and seeing the world, and his life today is enviable. On a mission to become the youngest Spaniard to have ever visited every country in the world, he takes his 200,000 followers along with him for the ride, and is known for his perfectly edited shots of landscapes and beautiful towns.

Callum Snape – @calsnape

A former professional photographer with an incredible eye for a great photo, it’s little wonder that Callum’s follower count is heading steadily towards one million. His feed is an endless stream of spectacular shots that have to be seen to be believed, and he often serves up some tips and tricks to help you perfect your own travel photography skills. Who knows? Take them on board, and you could be the next big travel influencer added to our list.