Here Are Exercises To Firm Up Flabby Arms

Can we talk about the arms for a sec? We all bother about our belly and our skins, but not much is often said about flabby arms. Maybe it’s because we can easily hide our arms in outfits that we don’t put that much thought into them. Instead of feigning nonchalance about flabby arms, why not start off with these easy arm exercises that would firm your arms and help you tone your muscles around that region. Like any other thing in life, these exercises won’t work overnight and you will really need to get committed to your routine. However, at the end of the day, all your effort will pay off and it will all be worth it.

How do you get flabby arms?

Flabby arms occur when the skin around your biceps loose its elasticity due to age or excessive fat accumulation. You can achieve more toned arms when you focus on your diet and workout routine. No pain, no gain. We have put together exercises you can adopt beginning today and these won’t take up more than 15 minutes of your day. They’re so easy you can do them while cooking dinner, watching TV, or even when you take a short breaks from work. These exercises not only firm up your arms but can also be implemented into a full-body routine.

Here are exercises to firm up flabby arms


Push-ups are a good way to tone the upper arms and create a stronger core. They are also a tried and trusted way to firm up those flabby arms.

How to:

Take a position where your body runs parallel to the ground
Keep your toes and palms pointed down to the ground for support
Your entire body should be straight especially from the back to the hips
Then go up and down, straightening and bending your elbows within an inch of the floor and then back to the initial pose

All these should be done with the body maintaining alignment. For a beginner, try to keep your weight on your thighs and not your knees till you build enough strength and balance.

Arm Circles

How to:

Stand with your feet flat on the ground and your hands spread side to side (90 degrees)
As the name implies, you go ahead to move your arms in small fast circles simultaneously and clockwise
Reverse the motion and move hands in circles anti-clockwise as well

Note: Choose the number of times you can move your arms conveniently then add a little more to pressure your muscles.

Arm Stretches

These are very effective ways of firming up those flabby arms because it engages and stretches the triceps.

How to:

Put your hands above your head
Pass your right hand across your head
Hold your right wrist with your left hand, thereby, merging your hands
Using your right hand, pull your left wrist towards your right hand, such that your left elbow rests directly on the back of your head creating pressure
Release the pressure but hold on still to the hand while pushing the arm back to the center of your head
Release wrist
Hold your left wrist with your right hand the previous way
Repeat process on the other hand.

Kickboxing Punches

Never ever has there been a good boxer with flabby arms. This is because this exercise are steady toning those arms and upper back with every punch served.

How to:

Begin with standing with your feet wide-apart
Bring your right hand up with your fist just below your jawline
Clench your fists and take the stance of a boxer
Begin to throw punches at an imaginary person in front of you or better still a punching bag
Extend your hands in front of you with every punch
Don’t overdo it and end up extending your shoulder muscles
Throw as many punches with one hand before switching to the other hand
Repeat the same process with the other hand

Triceps Dips


How to:

Sit straight on a bench or chair with feet flat on the floor
Grip the bench with your hands beside either side of your hips
Keep elbows close together
Push your buttocks off the bench (still in previously stated position) with pressure on the elbow
Lower the body three inches down, while bending your elbow
Then back to the sitting position

There’s no heavy lifting and gym membership required. These easy arm exercises can be done from the comfort of your home. As stated previously, consistency is vital in achieving desired results.

Featured image: Boxed Water Is Better | Unsplash