Henry Fong Gives Fans A New “Rave Tool” With Latest Single

Wave surfing, kick flipping, bass bending DJ Henry Fong is back in action with his latest single “Rave Tool” out via Showtek’s label Skink Records. This latest installment from Fong cranks the energy up a few notches from his electro groove house tracks he’s been known for. Immediately out the gate, we are greeted by sawtooth stabs reminiscent of the 90s hard dance scene with a list of steps that the MC would like the whole dance floor to follow. The drop smacks us across the face with crunchy bass kicks and screeching leads that keeps the style cohesive. Powerful from start to end, “Rave Tool” lives up to its namesake. This is a perfect example of a classic style revamped into the new age. Check out Henry Fong’s “Rave Tool” below.

Henry Fong – Rave Tool