Hennessy and Designer Kim Jones Announce Partnership for Exquisite Collection of Limited-Edition Sneakers, Decanter, and Bottle, Blending Classic Craftsmanship with Contemporary Design

Hennessy X.O, the prestigious cognac maker with a 150-year heritage, has teamed up with British fashion designer Kim Jones to create a limited edition sneaker, as well as an X.O Masterpiece decanter and a limited-edition bottle. The collaboration between the two high-end brands represents a unique fusion of fashion and culture, quality and legacy.

Crafted in LVMH’s shoe factory in Italy, the HNY Low sneakers were inspired by early basketball shoes and took on a similar signature hue as the cognac maker’s X.O. The shoes were made of nubuck leather, which ages beautifully and takes on a patina over time, much like the precious eaux-de-vie used to create Hennessy X.O. According to Jones, the footwear represents “a glass of cognac in sneaker form.”

In addition to the cognac-inspired sneakers, the collaboration also produced a limited-edition Hennessy X.O Masterpiece decanter. Using 3D printing technology and finished by hand, just 200 were created, making them a true collector’s item. Jones describes the decanter as “like a piece of personalized couture for a bottle,” which shows how people and technology can come together to create something special.

The third component of the partnership is the Hennessy X.O Limited Edition “ready-to-wear” version of the carafe. The bottle is covered in an aluminum second skin, whose design highlights the bottle’s distinctive shape, while recalling a haute couture silhouette.

Finally, the limited-edition bottle is the last element of the Hennessy X.O x Kim Jones collaboration. The bottle perfectly embodies the fusion of fashion and culture with quality and legacy, a unique representation of the collaboration between the two high-end brands.

Jones is the fourth creative to work with the house of Hennessy, following in the footsteps of Frank Gehry, Cai Guo-Qiang, and Ridley Scott. This collaboration represents a creative and innovative approach by the cognac maker to enter the realm of fashion, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality, heritage, and innovation.