Help Teedra Moses Get Her Dues By Streaming ‘Complex Simplicity’ (15th Anniversary Edition)

R&B Lioness Teedra Moses re-releases her classic debut album, Complex Simplicity, in celebration of the set’s 15th anniversary. The LP was originally released in 2004 on TVT Records to huge acclaim and continues its prominence to date. The re-release is important for Moses, who will now receive artist royalties on the album after a new arrangement with TVT successor, the Orchard. Additionally, a portion of her royalties will be donated to charity to help single parents.

“I cried out to God & HE gave me Complex Simplicity to take care of my children,” states Teedra. “It definitely provided a way for me to tour, write for others and receive publishing performance checks but I never received royalties for this album. The Orchard was trill enough to re-release this album and give me an opportunity to get the residuals I deserve as well, share with other parents that are in the same situation I was in years ago when I cried out to GOD for a way to provide for my sons.”

The 15th Anniversary Edition features the original tracklisting along with four bonus tracks: “Doin’ You,” You Better Tell Her (TVT Mix),” “Cabernet Sauvignon,” and “I Think of You.”

Help Teedra earn what’s due to her by streaming the hell out of the 15th Anniversary Edition of ‘Complex Simplicity.’