Head Fake’s Repurposed New Wave for the Modern Era

All the members of the new international trio Head Fake cut their teeth in the 80s and 90s as new wave and rock musicians or prevalence. Now wishing to remain mostly anonymous, Head Fake released their first self-titled EP on Global Heist Recordings/Neurodisc  with the aim of bringing back those haunting synths and melody compositions from the new wave and 80s college radio era but with modern beats and production.

With lashings of Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue,” Head Fake certainly achieved their goal with their first EP, while also bringing in modern sound design. The aptly named EP2 broadens those horizons by folding even more 80s and early 90s style into modern beats. Said modern production style might remind some younger fans of the likes of Hot Chip and Cut Copy. In fact, the vocals on many of the tracks in EP2 sound like one of the members of  but in this second EP there’s also a stronger element of rock that adds something more to it. With this addition, EP2 has gone beyond your average indietronica and pulled even more style through to the modern era.

The best example of this new rock assimilation for Head Fake is “I’m Found,” where elements of funk and rock make this track sound like a combination between Primal Scream and Fatboy Slim, but with a little more analog instrumentals to it. Another highlight on the EP is “Song For Daughters,” where again fans will recognize a familiar beat pattern in the style of Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” but this track also shows that Head Fake are not just about playing with styles. There’s substance here too.

As the title suggests, “Song For Daughters” is an homage to the special relationship between fathers and daughters and gives an honest, touching look into that relationship and why men may be so protective of their daughters with none of the creepiness or chauvinism that sometimes hangs over this particular subject. The video is also incredibly touching, following a number of fathers and daughters on their journey in learning about each other.

All of the songs on EP2 have this kind of lyrical substance, so while musically Head Fake may have a mission of bringing the lost sounds of new wave and others from the 80s and 90s to the modern era, just like any other artists they seek to bring feelings and connection to their listeners. Whoever these 80s legends are, they certainly haven’t lost their gift or that ability to connect so here’s hoping they go even farther with their extraordinary music the second time around.

EP2 is out now and can be streamed on Spotify.