Haywyre’s Comeback: Unveiling “White Lie” in His First Monstercat Original Single After a Two-Year Break

Making a notable return after a two-year hiatus, Martin Vogt, recognized as Haywyre in the music realm, has recently unveiled his latest single, “White Lie,” on Monstercat. This marks a significant comeback to the renowned electronic label after seven years. “White Lie” is a vibrant and introspective production, providing a preview of the upcoming releases that fans can anticipate from Haywyre in the coming year.

The track unfolds with an expansive and contemplative soundscape, complemented by striking vocals, leading into a dynamic breakdown fueled by future-funk elements. Haywyre’s diverse production skills are evident as he seamlessly blends synths, strings, piano, bass, and vocal chops, showcasing his artistic evolution in returning to Monstercat.

Hailing from the Midwest US, Haywyre combines his foundational training in classical and jazz piano with a passion for contemporary electronic production. Transitioning from live music to electronic, he brings a dynamic, hybrid performance style to the stage. Haywyre has shared stages with top acts like Griz, Zedd, and Gramatik, and his remix of “Young & Alive” earned him a GRAMMY nomination in 2021 for Best Remixed Recording.

His music, characterized by a laid-back yet adventurous vibe, draws from genres like dubstep and glitch-hop, seamlessly integrating influences from funk, classical, jazz, and house music. With a discography that includes early self-released albums like “Of Mellows and Revelations” (2010) and more intricate works like “Two Fold, Pt. 2” (2016) with nearly 50 million streams on Spotify, Haywyre continues to evolve his sound, embracing a futuristic disco/funk hybrid with his 2018 release, “Panorama: Discover.”