Haywyre – Square One (Glacier Remix)

In the world of electronic music, there are few artists that have as much raw talent as Martin Vogt (better known by his stage name Haywyre). Beyond being an absolute wiz on the keyboard, Vogt has proven himself time and time again to be a brilliant producer and composer, and his continual contributions to the jazztronica scene have certainly not gone unnoticed. Throughout the last few years, however, there has been one artist in particular that I always thought had the potential to make as big of a splash in the scene as Haywyre: Glacier. Not only does Glacier have an appealing live aspect to his music (albeit not quite as eye-catching as Haywyre’s mind-bending keyboard solos), but he is also able to provide listeners with a unique blend of future bass, glitch hop, jazz and funk that is virtually unmatched.

As you might expect, I was naturally very excited when I found out Glacier was doing a remix for Haywyre. After being able to hear the product, I was somehow even more pleased than I anticipated to be. The song that Glacier flipped is, of course, “Square One.” One of the more challenging tunes off of Haywyre’s Panorama: Discover EP, the original “Square One” is an instrumental cut backed by a hip-hop influenced beat and an abundance of keys. Though a great song nonetheless, it’s not exactly the type of thing one might expect a lot of producers to be eager to remix.

Breaking expectations, however, Glacier completely aced his take on “Square One.” Swapping the song’s beat out for some more acoustic-sounding drums and some groovy Stevie-Wonder-esque synths, the remix sounds immaculate right from the start. From that point forward, the remix frequently evolves throughout its running length, featuring prominent layers of slap bass, funky synths, future bass leads, jazzy acoustic guitars and –of course– some glorious Haywyre keys from the original song.

Glacier and Haywyre are undoubtedly a match made in heaven. This remix makes me genuinely wonder how these two hadn’t ended up on a project together prior to this point. Martin and Elliot, please collab. Sincerely, everyone.

Listen to “Square One (Glacier Remix)” below: