Hardwell and Azteck Join Forces for Infectious Collaboration “Anybody Out There”

Renowned DJ and producer Hardwell is back with a captivating new single titled “Anybody Out There,” a collaboration with Azteck that features the mesmerizing vocals of Alex Hepburn. Demonstrating Hardwell’s exploration of a techno-driven direction, “Anybody Out There” takes an unexpected pop-infused twist. The track exudes a nostalgic aura, reminiscent of the golden era of electronic music, with its rich bassline and ethereal synth breaks. It’s a delightful departure for Hardwell’s fans who have embraced his fresh musical style, and the irresistible groove of “Anybody Out There” is bound to captivate listeners.

Immerse yourself in the latest offering from the dynamic duo of Hardwell and Azteck, “Anybody Out There,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Alex Hepburn. The track is now available on Revealed and promises an infectious musical journey that will leave you craving for more.