Hardwell and AFROJACK Unleash Explosive Collaboration: “Push It” Hits the Scene!

That’s exciting news for electronic dance music fans! The collaboration between Hardwell and AFROJACK on the new track “Push It” featuring MERYLL sounds like a promising addition to their repertoire. The fact that they debuted the track during Hardwell’s Tomorrowland set adds an extra layer of anticipation for fans who got a sneak peek into what promises to be a dynamic and energetic collaboration.

The description of the track’s sound, with its big room techno elements and a mix of psy-trance beats and AFROJACK’s trademark synth breakdown, suggests a fusion of styles that could make “Push It” stand out in both Hardwell and AFROJACK’s DJ sets. The incorporation of vocal elements with the repeated phrase “Push it, pull it, twist, I’ve got it” adds a catchy and memorable dimension to the track.

The mention of a windy synth breakdown characteristic of AFROJACK’s style, followed by a massive drop that combines bassline and synth melody, paints a vivid picture of the track’s sonic journey. It seems like the producers have managed to blend their individual styles seamlessly, creating a piece that captures the essence of both Hardwell and AFROJACK.

Given the track’s potential as a festival and club staple, fans of both producers will likely be thrilled to have a new collaboration to enjoy. As electronic dance music continues to evolve, it’s always exciting to see how established artists push their creative boundaries and bring fresh energy to the scene.