HARBER version of Bee Gee’s Disco Anthem “Stayin’ Alive”

We all know the Bee Gee’s sensational smash “Stayin’ Alive“. It has been a seminal song to music culture, especially dance music. Who better to cover it than the multi-talented producer, DJ, songwriter, and musician, HARBER, who provides an excellent rendition of this timeless classic.

HARBER’s version of “Stayin’ Alive” encompasses his signature sound, seamlessly intertwining elements of pop, electronic (EDM), house, and disco. Groovy and eccentric, HARBER’s “Stayin’ Alive” takes the famous boogie-anthem, originally gaining notoriety from Saturday Night Fever fame, to new heights. It’s clever, creative, and entirely captivating. Stream “Stayin’ Alive” below!