HARBER Drops Uplifting Remix To Sultan + Shepard’s “Miles To Your Heart” [12Tone Music]

I always love hearing what HARBER is up to. He’s had quite the year, featured on both Forbes & US Weekly, and has even charted on Billboard. He’s back with a brand new remix to Sultan + Shepard, Rock Mafia, & Bahari’s single “Miles To Your Heart” that is packed with bright, uplifting melodies. It’s a remix that I guarantee will brighten your day. It is reminiscent of Avicii and his music, while still holding true to HARBER’s sound. Adding his very own signature twist to the original, HARBER’s variation of “Miles To Your Heart” is packed with high-energy, making it the perfect closing track to the remix EP.

Stream HARBER’s remix to “Miles To Your Heart” below!