Hannah Fairlight gives a playful melodic twist to retro sounds with her charming new album ‘Muscle and Skin’

Hannah Fairlight engages the audience with her mesmerizing voice as she compiles some outstanding folk fused retro songs to uphold her uniqueness in ‘Muscle and Skin’.

Singer/ songwriter Hannah Fairlight has rightfully blessed the musical realm with her magical voice that stands tall amidst all chaotic voices around. The Nashville singer has proudly released her new album ‘Muscle and Skin’ that adorns some of her most entrancing vocal samples, weaving together equally captivating verses. With her clear, melodic, and passionate voice, the singer sheds of all masks yo reveal her true genuine self and sings her heart out to top her name as one of the most melodic musicians of this generation. The album comprises of songs like ‘This Silence’ and ‘Do What You Said You Wanted To’ that opens up with its upbeat and righteous soundscape. The songs ‘Too Late To Wonder’ and ‘Do You Ever Think of Me’ engulf some fine and familiar folk/ Americana domain while the other tracks ‘ Bells’, ‘Money & Run’, ‘Mother Moon’, and ‘Walk Away’ are beautiful storytelling examples. The title track of the album ‘Muscle & Skin’ leaves the listener lost pondering about their own accomplishments and defeats.

Her wonderful voice threads all the songs as she goes ahead to explore all her personal sentiments. Hannah Fairlight’s music is truly unconventional, filled with real, raw, and honest writing that remains soaked in retro vibes. The album ‘Muscle and Skin’ are recorded and produced by Austin Hoke and mixed by Brett Ryan Stewart. Having performed in several venues she grew up playing classical piano and saxophone and is marching steadily to conquer the industry with her refreshing yet old-world musical vibes. Listen to her on Soundcloud and YouTube now.

Website link: https://www.hannahfairlight.com/