Handsome Habibi – The Whistle

Insanity Records is today releasing the eye-catching new single from Handsome Habibi. This act is a twin sibling duo, and they have a precise artistic slant to their pumped up dance beats. As you can see in our premiere below, they put special attention to the accompanying visuals. Directed by Titouan Harel and Clement Chassarey, ‘The Whistle’ is given a whole narrative that takes you on a space-themed voyage. The tune itself is punchy and laced with an engrossing vocal loop, designed to keep your full attention.

The pair shares a little about their vision, saying: “Although born in a futuristic Utopia in outer space, Handsome Habibi identify as human beings. On a recent time-travelling trip in search of their missing sister Mon Amina, they encountered technical problems onboard their space glider that led them to emergency land in London in the year 2019.

Check it out here.