Hairstyles That Are Ideal For Ladies With Round Faces

The round face is a popular face shape, but few people know how to pick haircuts that compliment it. Many round-faced girls don’t know where to start when it comes to highlighting their attractive facial features and avoiding styles that add extra roundness to their face.

Fortunately, because your face shape is so popular, there are a plethora of hairdo inspirations to pick from, as many women have gone before you to discover out what works and what doesn’t. Stick to face-framing styles that provide the sense of depth around your sides, such as bobs and center parts, and avoid styles with several layers, such as whispy feathers. Finally, you want to present your finest face without adding breadth to your cheeks, which might make your face look overweight. Hairstyle for a round face.

Your distinctive facial structure makes you seem beautiful and, shockingly, young for a round-faced lady like yourself. A favorable haircut will work with your face curves rather than against them, showcasing your best features and highlighting your gorgeous smile, brilliant eyes, dimples, and other appealing attributes. Hairstyle for a round face.

How To Determine Whether Your Face Is Round



If your brow, cheeks, and jawline all fall in the same line and are about the same breadth, your face is round. Furthermore, your face is nearly the same breadth and length, and it has gentle features and no harsh angles.

Style Advice:

When seeking for styles for a round face, look for trends that lengthen your face. Choose layered haircuts and, if you want curls, go for relaxed curls rather than tight curls. As usual, we recommend consulting with your stylist before settling on a final look.

Check Out These Stunning Hairstyles That Are Ideal For Ladies With Round Faces

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a fun style to try that instantly transforms you into a badass baller. Toni Braxton is your go-to for unlimited inspiration for this style, since she has sported the pixie cut in many permutations throughout the years. Osas Ighodaro, on the other hand, presents a strong argument for the hairdo above.

Short Bob

The short bob, with its chin-grazing charm, is an innovative method to compliment your round face. It not only draws attention to prominent features like your eyes, but it also adds an air of refinement to your appearance. However, when wearing this look, avoid wearing full-face bangs. The emphasis is on totally.

Voluminous Curls

Voluminous curls, whether short or long, complement your round face by emphasizing facial characteristics such as your cheeks. However, when wearing this hairstyle, keep the curls away from your brow and cheeks, as Rita Dominic has done above. You don’t want any more weight on your round face.

The Hawk

If you opt to wear this style, you will be associated with terms like edge, vibe, style, and badass. If you have a round face and want to try something different but yet fashionable, the mohawk is the haircut for you.

Sleek Updo

There are several variants on the sleek updo, but one with hair added length to its top knot bun is ideal for a round face. Take after your round-faced sister, Jennifer Hudson, and pay special care to your top bun.

Sleek Back

You should have realized by now that any style that allows your face to breathe is ideal for a round face, such as the sleek back. Stephanie Coker’s side-parted sleek back haircut quickly elongates your face by adding extra skin (through the scalp) to your face and creating a stretched appearance. Another approach to add depth to your face is to use a center part, like Selena Gomez does.

Water Waves

The water wave is one of the few techniques that can caress a round face. The water wave is as elegant as it is stylish, gently running down your temples and cheeks. When wearing this haircut, avoid chasing fullness. Instead, keep to proportions that appear natural.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a winning haircut for a round face that exudes a boss babe image. Not every women is brave enough to go crew, but if you are, flaunt this hairdo to its utmost potential.


For a round face, the center part is always a welcome style, and its adaptability is an added advantage. This part is always a winner, whether it’s in a bob, wavy, smooth back, or braids. Remember that the longer the portion, the better the style.

The Ponytail

Oh, the most adorable ponytail! This hairstyle has been popular for decades and remains as popular today as it did in the 1980s. Whatever style you pick — wavy, straight, half up, half down, etc. — it will flatter your round face. Get inventive with your ponytail like Temi Otedola if you’re ready for a challenge.


Braids, the go-to hairstyle for a modern sylista, will flatter every face shape, even rounder. What else? It may be styled in a variety of ways for a daily makeover. Your imagination is the only limit.

Teeny Weeny Afro

Of course, the popular afro will look great on your round face, especially if it’s short. What’s more exciting is that this is how your hair grows naturally, so consider this your solid reason to proudly wear your natural hair.


Cornrows have been protecting women‘s hairstyles since the 1500s! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the cornrow is a great contender for complimenting a round face. Just look at how well it fits Regina Daniels.

Featured Image: stephaniecoker | instagram