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19 December 2018 19 December 2018

I did retouch my hair at sunset yesterday, which was not quite necessary, but my family visits me later this month (and I usually see my family two or three times a year). So I wanted my mother to see the sunset effect in all its splendor. We have made some adjustments, although based on how it has faded (rather transformed) over the last six weeks. At this point, these articles are mainly my record written for me in my "journey" in the hair, more than anything else, so I hope you will send me to another article about it. (If it's not the case, it's an additional ticket anyway, so you'll have your normal daily dose of messages!)

The first time I did the effect, I was a little worried about the pink gold / copper / orange tones, so they were the least present and were getting more and more Behind, instead of being more visible in front and around. the pieces that framed my face. I found out that I liked the purple streaks a lot and the peek-a-boo effect of lighter, orange / copper pieces, and that it was getting harder and harder to "Recover" after four washes, as the stronger pink / magenta dyes were washed. through and tinted lighter orange pieces.

After seven washes, there were still shades in these rooms, but they were darker, more coppery. Fortunately, I've always liked and appreciated the overall effect and the more pink / purple look of my hair, and I've also found that the color seemed to become brighter than the rose gold / copper tones attenuated pink. Since I was going to do a touch up, I sent these comments and I also decided that I would like to make more orange and purple with less pink overall. I told my stylist 20% orange, 30% purple and 50% pink. She modified the process a little bit by choosing a stronger orange dye mixture, and she rinsed each sheet individually in aluminum foil, so that during the first rinse, a larger amount of orange-heavy pieces would not would not let the dyes more pinkish / darker.

The retouching process took a little less than four hours from start to finish, including about an hour for rinsing, drying and styling. It took about two and a half hours to separate and paint all the sections of my hair (which are then passed to the aluminum foil). In the beginning, the process took seven hours, but my sweeping was also necessary. The next time I get home, I expect to increase my sweeping, but I think when I do it, it really depends on when my hair grows too long, they are heavy enough that I need a cup (that's it)

I always love the look of my hair, from the first coloring to holding and holding over time to the retouched look. Never ever say since who knows what might catch my attention, but the plan is to keep the effect of sunset until summer. In Arizona, water pipes are usually not buried very deep and it's impossible to get cold water at home during the summer months, which is far from ideal for keeping dyes more vibrant , so I could use this time to make more radical changes (initially, I thought I'd go a little lighter, more pink / dusty pink for spring!). I feel like this type of nuances suits me; they are brighter but not all the time, because it really depends on the light and the angle, which allows me to play up or down one way or another. It's also good because I tend to put on my eyes so I do not need my hair to compete with my eyes 24 hours a day!

Additional Readings : Sunset Hair 1.0 (more information about what was used, process, etc.) / Sunset Hair 1.0, updated from one month.

Laura Krech styled me at Waverly salon and paid for all of my services!

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