Habstrakt Unveils Debut Album “Heritage” – A Sonic Journey Through His French Roots and Versatility

Habstrakt‘s journey as a prominent bass artist began years before his rise to fame in 2014-2015. With experience in heavier bass and dubstep, he gradually shifted towards the “bass house” genre with tracks like “Time” and “My People”. The release of his debut album “Heritage” marks his evolution as an artist and a nod to his French roots. The album features a diverse range of styles, including ambient sounds and minimal lyrics, showcasing Habstrakt’s versatility and journey as an artist. It’s a must-listen for fans of electronic music.

Habstrakt is currently on his “Heritage” tour, having already performed in four European countries. He is now set to play in thirteen cities across the United States, including San Francisco’s The Midway and Washington D.C.’s Soundcheck. See the list of U.S. cities and dates below:

March 24 – Philadelphia, PA
March 25 – Minneapolis, MN
March 31 – Honolulu, HI
April 7 – Montreal, QC
April 8 – Washington, DC
April 14 – Phoenix, AZ
April 15 – San Francisco, CA
April 21 – Brooklyn, NY
April 22 – Atlanta, GA
April 23 – Dallas, TX
April 30 – Cancun, MX
May 5 – Portland, OR
May 6 – Salt Lake, UT
May 12 – Denver, CO
May 13 – Albuquerque, NM
May 28 – Tampa, FL

For more information visit www.heritage2023.com

Photo via Rukes.com