Habstrakt Gives DJ Snake’s Massive “Trust Nobody” A New Bass House Makeover

DJ Snake dropped “Trust Nobody” almost two months ago and it’s easily one of his hardest songs ever. Now, Habstrakt is entering the ring with a fresh new bass house coat of paint that doesn’t diminish the original at all, only bringing a whole new flavor to the mix.

“Trust Nobody” is one of those songs that absolutely would have demolished crowds live, but it’s also wildly malleable. For as intense as it is, the songwriting on the track is surprisingly simple. Owing to that simplicity, remixing it isn’t a tough feat, but of course making something that sounds good and just as timeless is a challenge unto itself.

We’re happy to say that Habstrakt, as per usual, has risen to the occasion with a frenzied new bass house remix. Many of the elements from the original are still firmly in place, only with some new parts and a different tempo. It’s the perfect remix — fans of the original will find plenty to love and there’s so many new elements that they could be played back to back for maximum effect. Check out Habby’s remix of “Trust Nobody” from DJ Snake below!

Photo via Rukes.com