H3RIZON Drops Hot Vibes: Check Out the Sizzling Tunes ‘Naughty’ & ‘Wanna Love You’ Now!

Australian R&B sensation, H3RIZON, has just unveiled a dynamic duo of singles, namely “Naughty” and “Wanna Love You,” both masterfully produced by the legendary Tricky Stewart. Accompanying these soulful tracks are visually striking music videos that serve as the perfect complement to the group’s musical prowess.

Comprising the trio Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara, H3RIZON burst onto the global music scene last year, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. The infectious energy of their latest releases showcases the group’s charisma and magnetic appeal, with “Naughty” also putting a spotlight on their impressive dance skills.

In a groundbreaking move in late 2023, the Sydney-based trio proudly announced their signing with Epic Records, making them the first Australian and first Asian-Pacific girl group to join forces with the renowned label, in collaboration with RZ3 Recordings. Their announcement was accompanied by the release of the harmony-infused track “You Don’t Know Nothin’,” offering stateside fans a taste of the trio’s multifaceted talent and further solidifying their global presence.

Legendary producer Tricky Stewart himself commends the exceptional talent exhibited by H3RIZON, emphasizing the high standards set by the industry. “This is a very high bar that we play at, and there’s a reason why we’ve been here this long. H3RIZON meets all that criteria—and more.”

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the captivating world of H3RIZON with the irresistible beats of “Naughty” and the soulful vibes of “Wanna Love You.” As anticipation builds, fans can look forward to the trio’s debut project, promising a musical journey that transcends boundaries and genres.