Guide to Last-Minute Gifts 2018

An exemplary gift generally follows the formula:

(sentimental value + decadence) ÷ you know them well

When a gift is a reminder of your relationship, it shows that you are a good listener. Try to make them feel spoiled – even nominally – by giving them something they would not normally receive. In addition, all of this should be relative to your knowledge of the person. (You would not want your trainee and your best friend to have the same gift! Unless they are the same person, in which case: sitcom, a lot ??) Keep an eye on their needs or interests throughout the day. year. It could be their subconscious suggestions for signaling. Why should I nonchalantly mention Cloud by Ariana Grande, by name, daily?

Whatever it is. Given the date of publication of these tips (19 December 2018), it is probably already too late in the game to make good use of it. Do not worry! There is always next year. Until then, here's a last-minute gift guide of treasures that can be wrapped and ribboned when you wake up on the 25th and find your parents sitting on the couch like this. Happy holidays to everyone.

What is written: "I can not improve your pace."
Imagine the surprise as your friend unwraps three lipsticks – a yellow, a green and a blue. Just as they decided to write to you, they can announce that the colors are transformed into coral tones, bright pink and bright berries (respectively) when applied. "The three shades blend into the lipstick to give a flattering look to all skin tones!", You'll scream, become visibly upset, flipping my 7-Up. Surprise! And just like that, you have ensured your mischievous trickster position of your circle of friends for an extra year.

What is written: "Your sense of fun is without equal."
These kits come from Japan, the epicenter of food with adorable style. You mix various powders with very small amounts of water and you end up with borrower-sized donuts that taste like pastry cream or Tang-flavored salmon eggs. It's a gas!

What is written: "Was your living room in Architectural Digest last month?"
Ornaments? As a gift? For the followers of the country, the holidays are the Olympics of the show. Chances are they're already spending the entire year in the Prairies digging through the vintage shops and collecting the trimmings of their heritage for the coming year. For example, the storage space of my mother's holiday decor is about the same size as my entire apartment. Make a thoughtful contribution to their collection so that they can come back to what they really want: Tide Penning splash their meringue from their mint cashmere.

What he says: "Do you still have room on your bathroom counter?"
They probably already have a Clarisonic and a Foreo and have become apathetic in waiting of the next innovation in beauty tools. It turns out that all they are missing is that! It eliminates dead skin, layers of dirt and all fishing dukes you do not like. Without trouble, with zero downtime. Plus: it comes in pink – the color that they hope to enter.

What is written: "2018 was a hard look."
Many adults had an education similar to this: their parents would only let them eat sugar cereals on special occasions, if ever . This attitude, while nutritionally sound, was considered by the teenager's eyes as a form of draconian punishment. Allow them to deal with their complexes with 16 oz. of edible breakfast decoration. At $ 11, it is only a fraction of the many reactionary measures used by adults to revisit their youth.

What he says: "You now have no reason not to text me."
Of course. It's good to be able to charge your phone while on the move, but you know what else is nice? Charge your phone on the couch and get to the kitchen and bathroom without having to unplug it.

What is written: "You look good."
Do you know what really bothers me? A few months ago, I bought this breast milk refrigerator for a story inspired by Christopher Niquet, I filled it with beauty products and I called it a day. Since the publication of this publication, I have found a hashtag for the Beauty refrigerator via my page of exploration. Then a big American retail lifestyle company started selling it, betting on $ 15 more because it was wearing a quartz roller. Just get it at the source and tag the outside of the refrigerator with its handle Disqus.

What is written: "I am probably in love with you."
A good part of my routine is dull. This involves commuting, sitting on an anti-hemorrhoidal pillow and writing 8 to 10 hours a day. The saving grace of my day comes in the form of my music acting as the score of the imaginary film in which I play. This helmet (in satin gold, pale bisque color) does a remarkable thing by taking a song. I heard 400 times and made me hear a minor melodic shade that I never knew who was there. In my film, this marks a major turning point for our protagonist: me, the Filipino Timothée Chalamet. I can think of no more kind gesture than to share this feeling.

What he says: "Go to town".
Someone already said that the amount of labeling I was doing at home was "unnecessary and excessive". They asked as I hallucinated them out the door. "It's not like you're not confusing it with something else! Why does this bottle of lotion only say "ODORS LIKE MELON"? "Because it's my life and I'll waste it as I see fit!"

The next part is easy. If you do not have a well stocked gift wrapping room, like Katie Couric, you can wrap your gift in many household items (foil, parchment paper, newsprint, parking tickets, bandana , XL Glossier pouch). ). Move on to your next project: Determine what to buy for all your efforts. Some of my favorite gifts for me from 2018 include: a toaster-sized deep fryer, Ariana Grande's Cloud (ah ah, I'm kidding, I'd like to try it!), Fluffy and hideous socks , tubes of Burt's Lip Balm Bees wearing my name, as well as a Norfolk pine that I tied like a turkey in fairy light. I would call his silhouette Seussian. Every night, I curl up next to him and when he teleports me, I send him back right away.

-Or Gotham

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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