Gucci Pledges To Protect Nature and Wildlife Through The Lion’s Share Fund

Protecting the natural environment such that it flourishes through sustainable improvements which promote biodiversity and the welfare of all animals, whilst supporting local communities, research and conservation efforts and other wildlife partners – The Lion’s Share is a magnanimous initiative by film score composer, Christopher Nelius and founder of Australian production company FINCH, Rob Galluzzo.

Co-founded and fully supported by the United Nations Development Programme, The Lion’s Share’s current key initiatives include protecting the remaining 4,000 wild tigers, safeguarding core jaguar populations, securing one million hectares of wilderness in perpetuity, combating illegal trade of ivory and rhino horns, and improving the welfare of over 200 million wild, abandoned and domestic animals worldwide.

Joining in recent support of the philanthropic cause is Italian luxury brand, Gucci, who has pledged to donate 0.5% of all animal-related supporting media and advertorial spend towards the fund’s conservation efforts.

Since the brand’s honorable announcement earlier this month, its President and CEO has expressed a deep understanding and appreciation toward the initiative, its impact and its growing importance, stating, “The Lion’s Share Fund is an important addition to our conservation strategy. Nature and wildlife provide Gucci with inspired creation that is an integral part of our narrative through our collections and campaigns. With the increasing threats to the planet’s biodiversity, groundbreaking initiatives like The Lion’s Share Fund have the potential to be transformative by organically connecting the business community with direct action to protect our natural habitats and most threatened species.”