Gucci I Dream Too Much, Louise Orange, No More Orchids Voile Sheer Lipsticks


I Dream Too Much (310)

Gucci Beauty I Dream Too Much (310) Sheer Lipstick is a soft, yellowy brown with strong, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. The lipstick had a lightweight, thinner texture that was smooth, lightly emollient, and comfortable to apply and never felt clingy. It had semi-sheer pigmentation that could be built up to medium coverage if desired. It wore well for three hours and felt lightly hydrating while worn.

Louise Orange (307)

Gucci Beauty Louise Orange (307) Sheer Lipstick is a medium, yellowy-orange with warm, brown undertones and a natural sheen. The color payoff was semi-sheer and slightly buildable, which applied fairly evenly but was more prone to catching on texture imperfections due to the slightly thinner texture. The formula was smooth, balm-like but not too slippery, which made it comfortable to wear for the three hours it stayed on well for.

No More Orchids (410)

Gucci Beauty No More Orchids (410) Sheer Lipstick is a light-medium pink with subtle, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had semi-sheer color coverage, which did not apply as evenly as most shades in the range have for me; there was visible streaking along the edges along with a bit of product that settled into my deeper lip lines. The texture was lightweight, smooth, and balm-like without being heavy, and the thinness made it more prone to emphasizing imperfections in lip texture. It lasted for three hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.