GTA Officially Release Long-Awaited ID “FK IT” via Mad Decent

If you’ve caught GTA at a festival or show over the past two years, chances are you’ve gotten a taste of GTA’s highly anticipated “FK IT.”  A clear festival favorite that has been whipping fans into a frenzy, the elusive track has been making waves leaving fans begging for the official release across social media platforms.  Finally, out on all platforms via Mad Decent, “FK IT” goes all in, unleashing a hard-hitting trap banger with death-defying drops and brassy horns amping up the energy.

“We made this track as a new intro for our Ultra set two years ago!” GTA says of the track’s origins. “We wanted to bring back the ignorant club track mentality where random sounds seem to come out of nowhere, but add a fun aspect to the song, haha, an ignorant track banger so we just said FK IT!” Stream “FK IT” below.