GRiZ Unleashes Highly Anticipated Remix of John Summit’s “Where You Are”

If you had the pleasure of attending EDC Las Vegas this year, there’s no doubt that you were enveloped by the sounds of John Summit and Hayla’s chart-topping sensation, “Where You Are.” The infectious track resonated throughout the festival grounds, captivating the crowd with its irresistible charm. Over time, we’ve been treated to numerous remixes and mashups of this masterpiece, all testament to its undeniable brilliance. Among these renditions, the highly anticipated GRiZ remix has been a topic of much excitement and speculation. Initially teased during John Summit’s sets at the Caverns in Tennessee, fans have been eagerly awaiting its official release. The wait is finally over as we now hold in our hands the GRiZ remix that elevates the original to new heights.

John Summit – Where You Are (GRiZ Remix)

The Unforgettable Presence of “Where You Are” at EDC Las Vegas

“Where You Are” made an indelible mark on EDC Las Vegas, echoing through the festival grounds and immersing attendees in its mesmerizing melodies. Countless DJs and performers recognized the power of this track and incorporated it into their sets, resulting in an unending stream of infectious beats and euphoria. Its magnetic presence and undeniable appeal solidified “Where You Are” as a standout anthem of the event, capturing the hearts of dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

GRiZ’s Remix: A Long-Awaited Treasure

The GRiZ remix of “Where You Are” has been a subject of much anticipation and intrigue since its first preview. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the moment when this highly regarded artist would lend his unique touch to the already enchanting track. With the official release of GRiZ’s remix, we can now revel in the fusion of his creative genius with the captivating vocals of Hayla. The remix flawlessly preserves the beauty of Hayla’s vocals while introducing a breathtaking, almost ethereal bass drop. The result is a harmonious blend of heavy and melodic dubstep elements, showcasing GRiZ’s ability to captivate listeners with his expert production skills.

An Exquisite Blend of Beauty and Bass

In the GRiZ remix, listeners are treated to an extraordinary sonic experience that seamlessly combines beauty and bass. The delicate essence of Hayla’s vocals remains intact, serving as the centerpiece of the track and drawing listeners in with its emotional depth. As the remix progresses, GRiZ skillfully introduces a powerful bassline that adds depth and intensity to the composition. This perfect synergy between ethereal beauty and earth-shattering bass creates a unique and unforgettable musical journey.

Experience the Full Remix

To fully appreciate the transformative power of GRiZ’s remix, we invite you to immerse yourself in its captivating soundscape. Allow the enchanting vocals of Hayla to guide you as the remix unfolds, building anticipation and setting the stage for the breathtaking bass drop that follows. Embrace the beauty and power of this remarkable collaboration by indulging in the full remix below.

Witness firsthand how GRiZ’s remix elevates “Where You Are” to new heights, adding a fresh and exhilarating dimension to an already iconic track. Prepare to be mesmerized as beauty and bass converge in a musical masterpiece that will leave you craving