GRiZ Presents His Seventh Studio Album Rainbow Brain In Its Full llustrious Form

Today, we take a trip inside the dynamic and brilliant mind of DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist GRiZ as he presents his seventh studio album Rainbow Brain in its full, illustrious form. From start to finish, GRiZ’s Rainbow Brain is laced with beautiful intention as a project that feels the most radically authentic to his own path as an artist. More than just songs, or collectively, an album — these are audible experiences that have defined GRiZ as a trailblazer in electronic dance music, as well as a positive force of good.

Recent singles “Astro Funk,” “Vibe Check,” “Tie-Dye Sky” and title track “Rainbow Brain” are joining the party, but there’s so much more to explore. For optimum results, play out the continuous mix and let your imagination run wild. May the album’s fluorescent soundscapes that defy space and time be your only guide.

Listen here!


GRiZ – Rainbow Brain