GRiZ Drops Wubby Remix of Lizzo’s Self-Care Anthem “Good As Hell” [MUST WATCH]


GRiZZO has arrived and it’s sounding “Good As Hell.” GRiZ took on Hijinx Festival last night with a brand new, extra wubby remix up his sleeve. The funk master transformed Lizzo‘s iconic feel-good, self-care anthem “Good As Hell” into a bass heavy crowd pleaser. Being that uplifting music is his forte, the unreleased remix fit right into his setlist. Not only did “Good As Hell” make a great first impression, some attendees even dubbed it the “theme of the night.” GRiZ himself called it a “vibe” in the top video below.

Fans made the connection in early 2019 that GRiZ x Lizzo aka GRiZZO was a fabulous idea. Now, we finally get to see that idea followed through with — and it’s amazing to witness.

Collab, please?

GRiZ Premieres Lizzo Remix

— GRiZ (@Griz) December 29, 2019

— Amy B (@Amy_Berns) December 29, 2019

— DJ Marky Mark (@mwrat4) December 29, 2019

Photo: Matthew Dippel