GRiZ Drops Inspiring New Collab with Wiz Khalifa “Find My Own Way” [LISTEN]

GRiZ has a certain kind of way of letting us know that everything’s going to be okay. His latest feel-good single from forthcoming album Ride Waves taps into funk-filled dreams and calls on rapper Wiz Khalifa to tell it like it is.

“Find My Own Way” rocks just the right recipe for chilling out, but the message will lift you off your feet. The song sets up an atmosphere fit for the GRiZ Live Band, with layers of instruments and vocals, leaving enough space for his signature sax. Five tracks in and Ride Waves is shaping up to be one of GRiZ’s greatest impressions yet.

Wiz Khalifa speaks on the release in his own words: “The first time I heard the beat for ‘Find My Own Way,’ I knew there was something special there since the beat alone feels good. I just had to sit with it and smoke a little KK and figure out my approach and I think it came out exactly how it should.” GRiZ and Wiz aren’t in this alone, the Harlem Gospel Choir busts out even more inspiration and flavor, making for a grand slam production. This song will get you through today — and every day you put it on. Listen and enjoy!

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GRiZ – Find My Own Way ft. Wiz Khalifa