GRiZ continues his mission to spread Love and Positivity with “Vibe Check”

GRiZ continues his mission to spread love and positivity with “Vibe Check.” Staying true to the producer’s signature style, GRiZ unleashes a hype blend of soulful bass, complete with wonky drops and saxophone solo flexes. In terms of sound design — this track goes full beast mode, putting GRiZ’s production prowess on full display. It’s a familiar vibe and an instant fan favorite, as GRiZ led with this song for his GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival back in December. With the massive support and momentum surrounding “Vibe Check,” it will undoubtedly thrive as an integral part of GRiZ live sets to come.

“Vibe Check” is also the perfect anthem for Virtual Kulabunga, GRiZ’s health and wellness retreat going down this weekend. Over February 20 – 21, fans and friends alike will have the chance to connect and find a sense of community, self-empowerment, radical inclusion, and wellness. Virtual Kulabunga offers livestream and off-screen activities such as creative writing with GRiZ, mindful movement, holistic fitness, expressive arts, body rhythm, guided meditation and more. Get signed up here.

In the meantime, listen to “Vibe Check” and put some bounce in your step!

GRiZ – Vibe Check