GRiZ Brings Attention to Black Lives Matter Movement with Powerful Digital Mirage Set

GRiZ is a shining example of using one’s platform for good — and he brought attention to the Black Lives Matter movement with his Digital Mirage set over the weekend.

The DJ/producer recently joined in Denver’s peaceful protests and documented the entire thing. Matched with a specially curated live set, the footage from the protest made a real statement — the EDM community stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

GRiZ @ Digital Mirage 2 

GRiZ thanked organizers for the creative freedom and for leading a moment of silence for George Floyd:

Huge thank you to @ProximityM + @TeamBandL for the 8:46 of silence to pay respects to George Floyd. During a time of so much noise, the uncomfortable silence can sometimes speak louder than anything

The setlist featured music from exclusively black artists including N.W.A, 2Pac, TroyBoi, Mr. Carmack, Moore Kismet, Honey Dijon, Gene Farris, Channel Tres and more as GRiZ took to the streets.

We’re expecting an official upload soon — but in the meantime, listen to the set above and read some of the comments below.

— Brownies & Lemonade 💜💛 (@TeamBandL) June 15, 2020

— BLACK LIVES MATTER (@Griz) June 15, 2020

— JaQob Mandell (@JaQob_) June 15, 2020

— Toby (@DorkTobes) June 15, 2020

— Toby (@DorkTobes) June 15, 2020

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