Great reasons to try luxury CBD coffee in 2020

If there is one thing that busy Brits can’t resist, it’s a stylish, piping hot cup of coffee to wake those tired eyes in the early hours of the morning. Beware, anyone who tries to talk to us if we haven’t managed to snag a cup—the coffee withdrawal anger is real! But it seems that an even more chic way to enjoy that morning cup is having it infused with the health craze on everyone’s lips: CBD oil. For those of you who are a little unsure of what exactly this mysterious oil does, or are a little dubious of it, let us give you a little context: CBD is a component of medical marijuana, and has been used for years primarily as a prescribed treatment for seizures and sickness resulting from chemotherapy, among other things.

Recently, with CBD becoming more widely available for public consumption and gaining more notoriety in the media, it has become a highly sought-after sensation with it being added to everything, from gummy candy to gin and body products, to our all-time favourite—coffee. There have been a multitude of coffee houses across the UK, particularly London, that are starting to serve CBD coffees, and there are even more CBD-infused coffees and oils available to buy online. If you want to try it out, then start with the luxury CBD oil brand Kanibi, which sells a multitude of products, including oils, gels, and creams.

CBD coffee is a new and interesting way to get your daily dose of caffeine and CBD

So, why should you be trying luxury coffee infused with CBD, either at home or from your local chic café as soon as you can? We’ve summed up some worthy reasons to jump on the CBD train today.

1. Manage anxiety

CBD has been shown as a promising natural treatment for both anxiety and low mood, not to mention the after-effects of drinking one too many cups of coffee! Simply by adding a few drops of the oil into your morning cup, you can reduce the risk of shaky hands, racing thoughts, and the heavy feeling anxiety so often leaves weighing on your chest. This one small change to a morning routine can leave the day open to happy, healthy choices and possibilities.

CBD can be an aid for better sleep. If you enjoy a nightly cup of warming decaf before you head off to sleep, CBD can help enhance any sense of calm and contentment you may be feeling. This ensures you get a proper night’s sleep, leaving you fresh and alert the next morning without the grogginess so many of us are used to.

CBD coffee will wake up, but also help you avoid the jitters and chill you out

3. Reduce pain and inflammation

CBD has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. Though much of this evidence is anecdotal, studies have been done on the effects of this oil on chronic pain such as back aches and arthritis and, though more research is needed, the outcome of initial studies were a positive and exciting step for those suffering with long-term pain issues. The thought of getting pain-relief from the coffee shop down the road is pretty revolutionary, and a habit many people are already incorporating easily into their daily routines.

Because of the reasons listed above there has been a correlation between CBD and increased energy levels. More sleep, less anxiety, and less pain can result in a more well-rounded, competent, happier, and energised person ready to take on any challenge. And an unexpected, non-health benefit of CBD coffee is that the oil only enhances the brilliantly yummy flavour of your favourite coffee due to its own similar earthy, nutty flavour.

For those concerned with the potential risks this new must-have could pose, according to the Health Harvard website and a report from the World Health Organisation, CBD used “by itself does not cause a ‘high’ it also …exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD”.

Before taking any CBD products, please consult your doctor.