Graves Talks Debut EP, Headline Tour, And Working With RL Grime [INTERVIEW]


Graves has been a Run The Trap favorite for some time. With classic bass hits like “Came Up,” “Lost Boys,” and “Hilo,” graves has been handing out bangers for a while. He decided to extend his dominance into 2019 with the releases of his debut EP Far From Here. Currently on his first-ever headline tour, we got a chance to catch up with him on the New York stop. Check out his debut Far From Here EP and our exclusive interview with graves below.

graves – Far From Here EP | Stream

RTT: You’ve been on tour with RL Grime, have played a few one-off shows too, and now a collab. How has your relationship with him progressed?

graves: I first got in the loop with Henry because he started playing my records in his Halloween mix, and he hit me up for clearance. We’ve really been in touch ever since, and then one day he just hit me up and was like let’s work on some record. Henry’s a genius and has a really good ear for this, and we also work really well together.

RTT: Your progression throughout your career is pretty well documented. The stuff with Kanye, helping your friend with OOF, and now graves. Whenever you talk about your experience with graves, you always talk about how it’s the best representation of who you want to be as an artist. What about graves is different from your other experiences that makes you feel more at home?

graves: Everyone goes through a process of determining who they are sonically. You have these moments where you think ‘I’m not this, I’m actually this.’  When I got to the graves project, I felt like I was finally throwing the dart and hitting the bullseye – in the past, I was just hitting the board. No artists ever actually hits the bullseye – everyone is trying to climb and get to the top of the mountain, but the mountain keeps growing so you keep climbing and improving. 

RTT: Well, obviously you are reaching the mountain, it’s just growing bigger every time you reach the top. As you hit some of your goals like maybe playing a big set or having a strong release, are you appreciating the moment?

graves: I find enjoying moments is definitely in the present, and I actually do enjoy a lot of moments in the present. I try not to think about the past or future because it gives me anxiety. I mean I always set goals for myself, but what helps me stay sane is focusing on the tasks I can do today, and executing those in the moment.

RTT: Talk to me a little bit about this tour you are on now. You have Hex Cougar with you for almost every show, and the tour is named after your upcoming EP. Did you have anything specific you wanted to convey on this tour?

graves: Honestly, I don’t like explaining what everything means to everyone because I want everyone to interpret it for themselves. What you feel from the project is what you take away for yourself. I had my own experience delivering and creating this, how everyone interprets it is them. As for me, I’ve had the most peaks and valleys of my life writing this thing. The past 6 months have been high and low with many good happy moments like selling out these shows, but a lot of weird things going on. Every day is a new different day.

RTT: Moving on to the EP, tell us about that. 

graves: The records are all a little different, but they are tied back together to guitar. It’s a very rock inspired EP. It’s definitely electronic, but a lot of rock elements like live bass can be found. I want to bring it back to the feelings I get when listening to the old Nirvana albums. It doesn’t sound like them but it’s the feelings I got when listening to them. It kind of sounds like grunge electronic.




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Graves Talks Debut EP, Headline Tour, And Working With RL Grime [INTERVIEW]

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