GRAVAS Drops Stunning Acoustic Twist on Debut Hit ‘Erase Me’

Following their breakout single “Erase Me” in August 2023, Gravas, featuring Sum 41’s drummer Frank Zummo, bass music innovator Fransis Derelle, production maestro CRaymak, and former Willows member Demitri Medina, proudly unveils their latest offering: an acoustic rendition of the track.

Blending their diverse styles, the quartet of Gravas crafts a distinct sound that mirrors their individual influences. Originally, “Erase Me” marked their second collaborative effort, introduced as their debut single through Monstercat in late summer 2023. Fusing electronic elements with live drums and alt-rock vocals, the song swiftly surpassed 100,000 Spotify streams within its first week, propelling the group into a new chapter of their careers. Penned and performed by Medina, the original release served as an emotive anthem, laying the groundwork for its acoustic reinterpretation.

In essence, the evolution of “Erase Me” underscores Gravas’ collective ethos: a commitment to creativity and a willingness to explore unconventional approaches to their music, showcasing their collaborative spirit as artists and creators.