Grabbitz Unveils Rocktronic Mastery in New EP “IN THE DARK”

Grabbitz takes a daring leap into the shadows of his own creativity with his new EP, In The Dark, blending rock’s raw intensity with the pulse of electronic music more boldly than ever before in his career. Standing at a crossroads, Grabbitz is unafraid to venture into uncharted territories. Released via his own label, Blue Butterfly Records, the project is a rebellion against genre confines.

His boldness is palpable in “Too Far Gone,” a track that veers into an alternative realm with haunting and exhilarating melodies. The titular track, “In The Dark,” is a symphony of contrasts where electrifying basslines collide with the untamed spirit of rock. But it is in “Daydream” where Grabbitz bares his soul, stripping away layers to reveal an intimate side. This acoustic gem adds profound depth to the effort with a moment of introspection, showcasing his emotional depth.