Got Dry Skin? Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skincare Can Help!

Pixi Beauty Cruelty Free Rose Infused Skincare

Pixi Beauty Rose Skincare Review

Does your skin cry when winter hits? Yeah, mine too. By mid-November I start to feel that dryness set in, and I have to start making bigger changes to my skincare routine. More hydrating products and oils are incorporated and swapping some cleansers that are better suited for my skin take place. Last year, I was introduced to the full Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skincare line and fell in love. My skin looked and felt fantastic and I knew it would be a line that I would forever be hooked on when my skin needed some extra comfort.

Pixi Beauty Cruelty Free Rose Infused Skincare Review

I should preface this post by saying that the rose infused skincare line isn’t just a winter skincare line — I can use it almost all year round except for Summer when I tend to be more breakout-prone and need other types of products. I’ve probably told just about every single person about this line if they ask me about my routine because I’ve been so impressed by their products time and time again. If your skin desires gentle cleansing and moisture then this is truly a line you need to look into.

If you couldn’t tell, the entire line incorporates some component of Rose Damescena flower oil and attributes for the rose scent in each of the products. But scent is not the main reason it is there. While the scent is known to have a calming and soothing effect, rose flower oil also has antibacterial,  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to it as well. So for instance, if you happen to get some irritation or redness after reincorporating glycolic based products into your routine like I do, you can scale back on the AHAs and start adding in more of Pixi’s rose-infused line to combat, protect and soothe skin, and to help balance it out.

Pixi Beauty Rose Cream Cleanser

My first attempts to use the Pixi Beauty Rose Cream Cleanser were attempted with caution. I had always been afraid of creamier cleansers that (gasp) had oils in them. I thought this might break me out. But to my surprise, this mineral mud cleanser made my skin feel incredibly soft and comfortable. It doesn’t foam up but works well for removing makeup and balancing my skin. It doesn’t hurt that the cleanser also has avocado and chamomile oils in it too.

Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic

I go through phases of using toners, but it’s a good step after cleansing to one, remove any additional traces of dirt or makeup while hydrating the skin. I find that using Pixi Beauty’s glow tonic once per day and their Rose Tonic during my second cleansing of the day is a good routine to follow. Not only does the rose oil in it help calm the skin, but elderflower and chamomile give it another blanket of comforting ingredients to soothe and balance.

Pixi Beauty Rose Glow Mist

If you love hydrating mists, then get yourself a bottle of Pixi Beauty Rose Glow Mist! Make sure to give this one a good shake before using since it’s a dual phase mist that has seven flower oils in it. I like to spray my face after I’ve cleansed and wiped my face with a towel. I find that a slightly damp face absorbs skincare products better and is a nice step to treat yourself. You can even use it as a makeup refresher!

Pixi Beauty Rose Caviar Essence

There are a couple of “moisturizer” options within the rose infused line. I actually use all three of them depending on several factors. If you prefer a “wet” feeling hydrator then the Pixi Beauty Rose Caviar Essence is a good choice. This clear, pink, gel-like serum has concentrated flower oil “flakes” in it that disperse when you massage it into the skin. Although it’s a serum, the fact that it’s a gel makes me think of it more as a moisturizer so I like this as my Summer hydration step. And when they say weightless, they really mean it. You can even do a double layer of it and not feel like it’s “too much”. Go ahead, girl, treat yo’self to an extra dose of this essence!

Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm

Prefer something with a little more of a thicker feel to it? The Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm is an interesting product. I think if balms as more waxy, but this creamier product comes out of a tube and can be used in a few ways, like a makeup primer, a moisturizer, or even a mask. This product actually is the one in the family that is OIL-FREE, but still follows the rose theme by including rose water in its formula. I am not willing to use this as a mask because I feel like I’d be wasting too much precious product but I do use this as a makeup primer or straight moisturizer on no-makeup days. The Rose Flash Balm is said to be the skin revitalizer for fatigued skin and I don’t disagree.

Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide Cream

Say your skin really is parched and these other two don’t sound like they’ll cut it. Then the Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide Cream is “the one” for you. When I’ve got really irritated skin this is my go to. Ceramides help the skin retain moisture and make the skin’s stronger by protecting it from further damage. I use less than a dime size for my face and it’s creamy, rose infused gold in my book. Probiotics are included in this products formula to further help protect and balance the skin. It truly is my winter skincare savior when you get to that “my face hurts from the cold air” stage. Slather this stuff on and you’ll be saying, “Ahhhhhhh” in no time.

Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend

And what’s a Rose infused skincare line without Pixi’s signature Rose Oil Blend? This facial oil is one of the first I tried and fell in love with. I use it all over my face and lips as the last step in my skincare routine morning or night. This nourishing treatment  includes several skin-loving oils such as rosehip, rose geranium, pomegranate seed, sweet almond, and jojoba for the ultimate luxury facial oil step. I find that their rose oil blend has higher viscosity (it feels thicker) than a lot of other oils I use, but doesn’t feel heavy when applied. I assume it’s due to the blend they designed but whatever magic they’ve done it works for my skin!

You can get this entire line at Ulta, Target, Kohls or at I highly suggest you check it out if you have sensitive or parched skin. I promise your skin will love it!


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