Gorillaz & Levi’s Link up on Customizable Collection

Gorillaz are no strangers to partnering with brands like Paris streetwear collective GEYM or watchmaker G-SHOCK for new drops. Now, the band is teaming up with Levi’s for a new customizable collection across a variety of pieces.  Speaking about the collaboration, Murdoc Niccals described it as “another top collaboration featuring two of the world’s most iconic names: Levi’s and Murdoc Niccals. A marriage made in heaven, if I believed in either concept. The best thing is I get clothes with my own face on, which makes looking in the mirror twice as rewarding.”

Murdoc’s characteristically narcissistic statement aside, the clothes afford fans the opportunity to choose from an exclusive library of Jamie Hewlett’s artwork, as well as altering the patterns, motifs, colors and size of designs. The Gorillaz/Levi collection is available for the next two months at your local Levi’s print bar.

via HypeBeast