Google Will Be Celebrating World-Famous Music Producer And DJ Avicii’s 32nd Birthday With A Doodle In Over 46 Countries

Starting midnight EST Wednesday September 8, Google will be celebrating world-famous music producer and DJ Avicii’s 32nd birthday with a Doodle in over 46 countries, which is a temporary change to the Google logo on the home page. Additionally, the Doodle will be accompanied by a music video illustrating important moments in his life and a Google Blog post. The doodle, which falls during the same week as “World Suicide Prevention Week,” aims to commemorate Avicii’s (Tim Bergling) career, achievements, and contributions to music which left a big impression on the world. To celebrate and pay tribute to Tim Bergling’s life and musical heritage, Doodle artist Alyssa Winans has created a video based on the song “Wake me Up” with sketched scenes from Tim’s life.

Read the Google Blog post here.