Google Arts & Culture showcase The History of Electronic Music

The history of electronic music, as deep and rich as it is, hasn’t necessarily been catalogued in a concrete way. Most of the information is highly decentralized, with fans relying on seemingly random op-eds, interviews, or picture books if they wanted to take a look back at the “olden days” of club culture and dance music. A new website and app presented via Google Arts & Culture uses over 13,000 photos and videos, as well as augmented reality, 3D scans, and more to attempt to bring together the information a little more cohesively.

Called ‘Music, Makers & Machines,’ fans can go back through decades of media to discover the origins of dubstep, the rise of grime, old rave flyers, the influence of black artists in the culture, and more. Watch the trailer below, and view online here or through the Google Arts & Culture app for iOS and Android.

via Mixmag | photo by Peter Speyer