Google Arts and Culture is Offering Free Virtual Tours of 2,500 World-Class Museums

Shuttering the world’s most renowned art and cultural institutions across Europe and the United States, whilst quarantining millions of individuals worldwide, COVID-19 has disrupted the drone of everyday life in more ways than ever anticipated.

In an attempt to relieve the many who feel anxious, restless and isolated, Google Arts and Culture will officially offer virtual tours of over 2,500 world-class museums, galleries and opera theatres – not only accessible from the comfort of home, but also completely free of charge.

Of the multitude of participating establishments, the highlights include London’s Tate Modern and the British Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, and the Metropolitan Opera.

Besides streaming live concerts for music enthusiasts, each virtual tour provides users with the full museum experience, enabling them to browse entire exhibitions and roam the full length of each building’s perimeter and interior, at a click of a button through Google’s street view.