GoodSex Get Spicy On “With Friends” Vol 2

After dropping “Glow” last month, GoodSex are back now with their With Friends, Vol 2 EP. The EP follows up Vol. 1 released in 2018, bringing back fan-favorite Trance Thompson as well as a host of new collaborators. Beginning with “Glow,” the 5-track EP goes through a variety of styles and sounds that all equate to “fun.”

“Frequency” in particular is a song that took a long time to grow on me, with that admittedly harsh lead synth in the drop. However, after being encouraged to stick it out and listen through the whole thing, it’s now one of my favorite songs on the release. My absolute favorite, though, has to be “Like.” With its party vibe and bouncy rhythm, this one is destined for peak hours when the crowd is just about ready to explode.

It all ends on the minute-long “Love Song” with Marine D’Alderette, an almost tongue-in-cheek that ends the release abruptly, though seemingly perfectly. With Friends, Vol 2 from GoodSex is out now. Listen below.