Goodluck Drop Another Happy Up-Beat Conscious Anthem

It’s a special thing when the musicality, melody, harmony and lyricism all reach a high level on a tack. This is just the case with the latest Goodluck release, ‘Dear Future Me’. This track is an exciting collaboration with Netherlands based musician, Jonas Kroeper. Who teamed up with the South African band for a short writing session in 2018. Combining the production styles of both artists has resulted in a refreshing blend of African elements with a strong pop sound that is immediately held together by the effortless voice of GoodLuck’s Jules. 

The lyrics in Dear Future Me have been crafted to remind us just how disconnected we have become from one another. How frantic our lives are, and just how little time we give to being present with each other and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. It is the nostalgic link back to when we were young and carefree that makes this song so powerful – the visceral call to remember how to let go of all the worries we carry around with us every day.

“These lyrics are very personal to me, my priorities were very messed up for a while as I struggled to balance my career and my personal life. I know this is a modern day human problem that we all struggle with. So I wrote a letter to myself, as if I was 11 years old. I remembered a time before all the pressure and the deadlines… and I wanted to remind myself not to lose that  part of me.” says Jules Harding.