Going to the Sun have sung about the sunshine once again in the new album ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’

Going to the Sun has pushed boundaries to recreate the soul sounds to make a cutting-edge composition of songs in ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’. The Minneapolis-based rock band Going to the Sun shows an uncanny inclination to the old tales and hit the ball to roll a good time with their forthcoming full-length album ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’. The compositions in this album are the hybrid mix of their trademark style similar to the earthy-acoustic-playful-electric-pop-rock rings with the earnest storytelling of each member. With a list of 9 tracks, the album becomes the first full-length project in 6 years that has captured the glimpse of acoustic guitar and the carefree energy of synth with the best-written hooks that will release the butterflies again.

The lead drummer and instrumentalist of Going to the Sun, David Young makes a subtle alteration between the hypnotic rhythms and delightful chimes of rock into a singular frame of a full-length southern and rock album ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’. ‘Broken, Still Beating’ is a motivating song that reflects the common pain that we all have experienced after an unexpected betrayal. The lead song ‘Music For A Party’ will win the hearts with its soft and ultra-fine rock riffs. Pre-order it on all the digital stores and follow them on the official website and other social media to know more about its release on May 29th, 2020.

Hopeful Song by Going To The Sun – Official Music Video 

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VIDEO: Hopeful Song

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