Go Wide: Colorful Brush Strokes Are Kicking Basic Cat Eyes to the Curb

Eyeliner is pretty versatile on and off the runway, from cat eyes to open winged liner to the more creative double flick. Basically, we’ve seen and done it all. But a dramatic and superbly Instagrammable lining technique is on the rise. We’re talking about the wide eye color slick.

It’s just a dash of color on your eyelids, blended well into your eyeshadow of choice. You can use a gel liner, a metallic liquid liner or even a dusted powder with a brush. The technique doesn’t involve crafty wings or pointed edges, it’s really just about the color, making it a spring favorite.

Priming your eyes is a must for this look since flaky or patchy colors can be kind of embarrassing. Go for a smoothing primer and a clear gel eyeshadow base before you get adventurous with hues. Also, broad lining is really about focusing on one color palette so don’t introduce too many accents.