Givenchy Holiday 2019 Le Rouge Mini Lipstick Set Review & Swatches

Holiday 2019

Givenchy Holiday 2019 Le Rouge Mini Lipstick Set is a new, limited edition set that features four, miniature-sized Le Rouge lipsticks. Two of the four shades are from the more recently released (which missed even my radar!) shades, plus two that have been around for awhile. Each shade contains 0.05 oz., whereas a full-sized shade contains 0.12 oz. and retails for $38–the set contains $63.33 worth of product.

Grenat Initie (307)

Grenat Initie (307) is a brighter, medium-dark red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a natural sheen. It had good pigmentation in a single layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without dragging. The texture was lightweight, creamy without being too emollient, and comfortable to wear, plus it smoothed out my lip lines, which is always appreciated! This shade lasted well for five and a half hours, left a faint stain behind, and was hydrating over time.

Mandarine Bolero (304)

Mandarine Bolero (304) is a bright, medium-dark orange-coral with warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. The lipstick had nearly full color coverage in one stroke, though it had a more emollient quality to it that caused some of the product to slide around, so I wasn’t able to get a perfectly even application and had areas that were sheerer. The texture was lightweight, creamy, and smooth, and it didn’t emphasize my lip lines but wasn’t as smoothing as other shades. It stayed on nicely for five hours and was moisturizing while worn.

L’Interdit (333)

L’Interdit (333) is a medium-dark red with warmer undertones and a natural sheen. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single pass with an even lay down of color achieved in one, fluid stroke. The lipstick had a creamy, lightly emollient texture that was comfortable to wear and to apply as it never tugged and smoothed out most of my lip lines. It wore beautifully for five and a half hours and was hydrating while worn.

Rose Diaphane (110)

Rose Diaphane (110) is a muted, medium pink with subtle, warm undertones and a cream finish. It had rich pigmentation that adhered evenly to my lips, but the texture seemed slightly denser, creamier, and had less of a velvety quality to it compared to the other three shades in the set. The finish wasn’t as smoothing as two of the shades in the set, though I don’t feel it emphasized my lip texture or lip lines. It lasted well for four and a half hours and was moisturizing over time.