Give Your Skin Care Routine a Boost With These Ferulic Acid-Enhanced Products

Your skin care routine probably already includes products containing hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. But there’s one acid your regimen is most likely missing: ferulic acid. You can find the powerful antioxidant hidden inside the cell walls of plants to protect and preserve those structures. And it can basically do the same thing for our skin.

It protects our complexions from all those free radicals out there and can even improve the signs of aging (we’re talking fine lines and wrinkles). To get the most out of your ferulic acid, look for products that pair it with vitamins C and E because it helps those vitamins work better. Known as a great stabilizer, it actually makes the other products in your routine work harder and last longer. (But if your skin is super sensitive, ferulic acid may not be for you.)

Now that you know the deal, check out below for the best ferulic acid products.


C E Ferulic, $166 at SkinCeuticals

A dermatologist favorite, this formula boasts 0.5 percent ferulic acid, 1 percent vitamin E and a whopping 15 percent pure vitamin C. It promises to brighten and firm your skin while tackling the visible signs of aging.


Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate Serum, $78 at Nordstrom

Not only does this gentle serum contain both pure ferulic acid and pure vitamin E, it has a base of centella asiatica to instantly calm stressed out skin. With regular use, it even strengthens your complexion so free radicals don’t stand a chance.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, $69 at Nordstrom

Need to do something about those visible lines around your eyes? This eye serum relies on ferulic acid and retinol combined with soothing centella asiatica extract to make those lines look less severe. You can even use it as an eyeshadow primer on your lids, allowing your shadow to go on smoother and last longer.


Kakadu C Serum, $95 at Sephora

This vitamin C serum is infused with a powerful mix of ferulic acid, vitamin E and kakadu plum. It minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles as it smooths and softens your skin.

Paula’s Choice

C15 Super Booster, $49 at DermStore

With its blend of ferulic acid, peptides and vitamins C and E, this booster improves collagen production. It also treats visible signs of aging so all you’re left with is firmer, more radiant skin.

Peter Thomas Roth

Potent-C Targeted Spot Brightener, $58 at DermStore

Apply this brightening treatment right on your dark spots. Along with ferulic acid and vitamin C, it has aloe vera to soothe any irritation.