Giorgio Armani Night Rose & Night Time Ecstasy Lacquers Reviews & Swatches


Night Time (102)

Giorgio Armani Night Time (102) Ecstasy Lacquer is a light-medium, peachy coral with moderate, warm undertones and a faint, white pearl strewn through a cream finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage, but it did not apply evenly due to the consistency thickening up unevenly, which resulted in patchy application of color and some product that sunk into my deeper lip lines.

The texture felt lightweight and almost watery as it initially went on, and while I re-applied it a second time as the first time was trying and near-diabolical in appearance, waiting even longer for the product to set didn’t prove to improve the end result. As soon as I pressed my lips together–I waited five minutes! which is significantly longer and unnecessary with other shades in the same formula–the product lifted up and could not be smoothed back into place.

The color stayed on for five hours and felt moisturizing to wear, and there was a subtle, pinkish stain left behind, but it did look patchier over time.

Night Rose (507)

Giorgio Armani Night Rose (507) Ecstasy Lacquer is a muted, medium-dark pink with moderate, warm undertones and a mix of cooler pink and gold pearl throughout. It had semi-sheer to medium coverage, which could be built up with a second layer of product, but it was most comfortable and easiest to maintain with a single layer as a second layer gave it a tackier, heavier feel that had more slip.

The consistency was very lightweight, almost watery as it initially went on, and then it developed a tackier, more gel-like consistency that was very smooth and had good adhesion. The product smoothed out a lot of my lip lines, which was a nice bonus. It wore well for five and a half hours and felt hydrating over time, and there was a light pink stain left behind.