Giorgio Armani #24, 31, 33 Eye Tints Reviews & Swatches (2020)


Nude Smoke (24)

Giorgio Armani Nude Smoke (24) Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow is a medium peach with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had medium coverage that was buildable to semi-opaque coverage with a second layer.

The texture was lightweight, thin, and flexible after it dried down (and it was fairly transfer- and crease-proof!), and it didn’t seem as watery as a lot of the other shades I tried from the formula. There was a light fading apparent after 14 hours of wear but no creasing.

It was very comparable in color but was less pigmented and significantly thinner and “wetter” feeling than the original formula.


Day (31)

Giorgio Armani Day (31) Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow seemed to have a translucent base with flecks of pale silver and white sparkle and some finer pearl. It had semi-sheer coverage, which didn’t build up well from there regardless of whether I used a fingertip, separate synthetic brush, or the included applicator. The coverage was a far cry from the “vibrant color” advertised, and there was nothing that I could find that called the shade out as sheer on the brand’s website. (It’s even shown as opaque in the brand’s “swatches.”)

I found that the larger particles seemed to result in the product bunching up unevenly, so one layer was definitely best and then diffused with a fingertip, which moved the product around more effectively than the included applicator. The consistency was fairly watery and thin, though quick to dry down and did set for longer-wear. I didn’t experience any of the sparkle coming off during the 14 hours it wore well for — it started to look a little faded and faintly creased after that point.

This was consistent with the previous formula in its opacity, though I’d say the reformulation was a bit more forgiving when applied onto the lid as the sparkle in it was smaller.


Rose Reflection (33)

Giorgio Armani Rose Reflection (33) Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow has a pink-tinted base with flecks of pale gold sparkle. It had sheer color coverage that applied unevenly with some of the pink tint getting bunched up around the larger flecks of sparkle, so I’d highly recommend using a fluffy brush or fingertip to apply and diffuse.

It was one of two shades listed as a “sheer” shade by the brand, though it is one of four shades in the Acqua finish (which is the finish I’d have guessed was deliberately sheer based on the two I have, and the original formula of the Acqua Eye Tints, which were billed as sheer and buildable)–though the brand’s promotional “swatches” show every shade as opaque (including this one)–reason #438374 why it can be tough to use promo swatches as a guide!

The texture was very watery and thin, but it dried down fairly quickly and didn’t gather into fine lines or creases. It wore well for 14 hours fairly well and didn’t seem to suffer from fallout.

The sparkle particles were flatter and smaller compared to the original formula, and while the original formula was sheerer, this was much sheerer than that.