Gianna Isabella Releases New Single “Feel the Same”

Gianna Isabella recently released her new single, “Feel the Same.” This track showcases Gianna’s magnificent vocals with a steady, freestyle contemporary beat. The former American Idol (Top 10 -Season 15) contestant has indeed followed in the footsteps of her legendary mother and freestyle legend, Brenda K. Starr. “Feel the Same” makes you feel great inside as you sway to its fresh, soulful beat. The New Jersey-born Gianna also blends in a smooth array of jazz and R&B on this infectious track. The lyrics are cleverly written and capture the essence of the allure of the 70’s old-school disco. With its urban vibes, this track transcends several musical styles and genres –and is a Top 10 hit!

This soothing track is perfect for any summertime party or outdoor social. In fact, “Feel the Same” is the ideal jam to sing and dance to all year round! Gianna’s vocals blare throughout the song with real style and pizzazz. I also loved the New Wave feel of the song that brought me back to the early 80s. Gianna is genuinely unique with her singing and impactful delivery. This ballad has several accents of different types of music but is also evergreen. As a new music sensation, Gianna Isabella has an excellent career in front of her. She has been involved with music ever since she was young. Brenda K. Starr guided Isabella’s career on the right path, and that shows in her recent music releases. This song will make you feel like dancing all night long! With its feel-good, positive vibes and smooth tempo, “Feel the Same” will make you feel great inside and out.

If you love new ballads that are hip and contemporary, this track will not disappoint. Have a listen by clicking the link below and experience the magical voice and sound of Gianna Isabella.

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